The University of Lagos Authorities and law enforcement agencies are hereby advised , as a first, proactive and preliminary step, to IMMEDIATELY put Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, former sub-dean, Faculty of Arts in the University, and alleged head pastor of the local branch of Foursquare Church, under a protective (twenty hour surveillance) custody, pending commencement of administrative inquiry and criminal investigations that may be launched into the scandal.

Dr Igbeneghu is still presumed innocent in the eye of the law. He has an enviable social standing in society. He is a pastor. He is presumably a husband and a father. Given the enormity of the disclosures in the BBC Africa Report , contemplation of suicide in a situation like this ( to escape public shaming ,, social humiliation, career ruination and ecclesiastical excommunication) can be Imagined.

He needs safety and security protection by institutions that exist in our society which handle matters such as this, even as justice is awaited to be served.

He needs justice like his alleged victims who also deserve justice .

Jiti Ogunye
October 7, 2019


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