I have been hit by many unsavoury news in the last two weeks. I lost a cousin, two ex banker colleagues and just yesterday, Mr. Dele Agekameh joined the list. He was my benefactor.

Mr Agekameh was a self made man. Against all odds, he rose to attain enviable height as a journalist and mediapreneur. He was close to royalty early in life as his father was the chief cook to the late Adesoji Aderemi, the Ooni of Life. But he chatted a life for himself to attain stardom. He was an undisputed investigative journalist with sound proofs. He was very bold, fearless, and a professional to the core. He was a light in the nation’s media firmament for years as his reports in the Tell’s Magazine then were must read. He literarily put security personnel on their toes with unabashed big crime news exclusive s

He was highly connected to the levers of power at all levels. Our ways met in Enugu in the mid 90s where I was a Bureau media Chief for Sketch and he was in The Tell magazine then. He maintained his media visibility as a Columnist in The Nation newspaper till he passed on.

He was a good ally and always encouraged and challenged me to be resourceful as he was.

Mr Agekameh also had taste. His resident at Gemade Estate at Ayobo areas speaks success and I still remember his generous treatment each time I visited.

I called him last month just to check on him not knowing that would be the sign off call. I knew he had health challenges but never knew it was life threatening.
No matter the how and old he was, he played his life trumpet very well and loud through his career and service to humanity. He is gone but his foot prints will live for long.

Rest in Peace Mr Agekameh.


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