The South-West zonal office of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) has communicated satisfaction at the monster walks previously being recorded inside under 100 days in office of the Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde.

An announcement by the South-West representative of the PDP, Mr. Ayo Fadaka, which was made accessible on Tuesday, communicated satisfaction that the individuals of Oyo State are to be sure under another rent of life during Makinde’s short residency up until this point.

The announcement said that “this is winding up obviously so in perspective on the nature of approaches, enactments and administrative intuition of Governor Seyi Makinde,” which it included is clearly been intrigued the individuals, along these lines showing that it can’t be nothing new in the Pacesetter state.

The announcement read: “We note with trouble an announcement credited to the prompt past Governor of the State such that the issues of missing Government vehicles is a “minor issue” and that such was not “commendable” of the consideration of government.

“We similarly note that his endeavor to capriciously reject fake and sharp practices of this size unmistakably underscore the levity with which the State’s assets were thoughtlessly misused under his supervision.

“The Oyo State Government keeps on keeping up that a large number of the autos obtained in February 2019 by the Ajimobi organization stay absent and such vehicles, in perspective on their age, can’t be characterized and portrayed as unserviceable.

“We, in this way, request of Senator Abiola Ajimobi, the previous Oyo State Governor, to take due cognisance of what successors will say concerning him and his residency and quickly intrigue it on his deputies to restore those vehicles to the new government.

“We likewise review that the Ajimobi organization granted a N7billion contract for an upstart temporary worker who is mysteriously absent after the aggregate of N2billion was paid to him.

“This is fantastic theft and it is pitiful this occurred in Oyo State.

“In perspective on the prior, Governor Seyi Makinde must complete an appropriate review of what happened in the Ajimobi years, as it will help the individuals of the State to acknowledge how criminal activities were executed under the appearance of administration.

“We, be that as it may, salute Gov Makinde for taking chuckling back to the lips of Oyo State laborers and particularly retired people through his organization’s installment of 100 percent of their remittances as against the brutal 20 percent paid under the APC organization of Senator Ajimobi.

“This activity shows Makinde’s regard for the individuals he oversees and furthermore a validation of PDP’s authentic consideration for the individuals. The individuals of the State are positively in for a portion of merciful organization. We additionally solicit the individuals from the South West area to take due cognisance of improvements in Oyo and now resolve to guarantee that they vote the PDP in the following round of decisions over the Zone.”


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